Confessions of a Lonely Fat girl

Anonymous said: Hey I just stumbled onto this page. Is it current? Can't seem to find a date for the postings so I'm not sure. I sure hope you're still around. I'm having a bad day, let's be real, a bad last 12 years actually and your posts feel as if I wrote them myself. Need to change. Crave change, hunger change, but my addiction to wallowing in my fat and depression is so much stronger to break. *sigh*

Honestly I haven’t been keeping up to date with my posts which I really should be. I should be checking in more often. I appreciate all the messages and would really like to chat with all of you anons one on one :)

Anonymous said: Have you ever considered gastric surgery? I'm having the gastric sleeve done in September because I know weight loss on my own is not an option for me, my friend just had it done and she lost 38lbs in a month, it's not a miracle but it can completely change your life, I was just wondering if you've ever considered getting it?

Yes actually. The surgery is covered here and I was actually all ready to go…I spent a few months on the wait list, had all my tests done and all I had to do was lose 40lbs and then I’d have the surgery. I didn’t book a follow up appointment in 2 months and was kicked out of the program. So now I have to start over. Get another referral and get back on the wait list. Sigh

If received several messages from people seeking advice and offering advice. I’d prefer to send messages privately so if you would like a response please don’t leave anon messages :)
I have made some changes in the last month, moved out to my grandparents farm for the summer and am doing very well. I’m exploring my spiritual self and working on self love ( that’s what its all about folks!) If you’re sad, lonely , dissatisfied with your life , body , friends…practicing and implementing self love will turn you whole life around.
Look forward to hearing from all of you ;)

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Anonymous said: "I desperately want a guy to care about me." I'm sure more people care for you than you realize. Even people who you don't recognize or even know are still hoping for good things for you. You're pretty much a stranger to me but I care about you a lot after reading your tumblr.

Thanks :)  Yes I’m sure people care about me..but I really would like that one special person

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I desperately want a guy to care about me

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Anonymous said: I'm somewhat similar to you. I'm pretty lonely and I'm very introverted. I don't think you have to be embarrassed or anything. I know how you feel. We are extra critical on ourselves. I hope you are feeling better about yourself recently though. P.S. - I don't know if you are in a relationship but I have to admit that I do find big girls very attractive and sexually stimulating. I'm a lonely scrawny guy. Maybe...we can be lonely together. Would love to see pics of you or something. Possible?

You should go through my blog and read what ive written about me and relationships, they don’t happen. We can exchange pix if you’d like..if you come  off anon

I’m having difficulty leaving my comfort zone

I’ve been stuck in it for almost 10 years. If something is too uncomfortable, ill either quit..or not even try

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The Person I am:

 Someone who has a close group of friends, goes to see live bands, coffee shop performances, keeps in touch with old friends, has an adorable boyfriend, doesn’t turn down an invitation anywhere and understands how awesome I really am.

The Person I’m Being:

Completely isolated and in denial, chooses to be numb 24/7, insecure and self loathing.

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On My Day Off…

What i should be doing: Grocery shopping, laundry, taking my dogs to the park, being somewhat social.

What I am doing: Eating pizza, wings and poutine ( delivered so i wouldn’t have to leave the house) Watching TV, staring at my dirty laundry pile and deciding if I should have another nap or not.

 Good thing I don’t have any fucking kids

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Anonymous said: Im a guy, I've been really lonely lately, how did/do you cope with it?

I surrounded myself with 3 dogs and a cat. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you understand the responsibility of owning pets